Pool heating systems

Lotus Pools is a big fan of ‘Air Source Heat Pumps’

Upgrade your pool heating today, and heat your pool for less tomorrow.

With many ways to heat your pool in Guernsey’s climate, Air Source Heat Pumps stand out from the crowd as being the cheapest to run for the heat output energy they produce. Coupled with a good pool cover, no other energy source can rival their low running cost to keep your pool lovely and warm.

Not Just for new pools!

If you already have a pool you’ll be more than aware at the cost of heating it, especially if this is using an oil or gas boiler.

An air source heat pump can either replace your boiler altogether. Or they can be added alongside to compliment your existing pool heating, providing a more efficient way to warm your water.

Output 5x the input!

Our range of Duratech Durapro heat pumps consume at most a 5th of their output. For example a 21kW output model, drinks just ~4kW of electricity when running hard. If the sun is shining and it’s typical swimming season the consumption is even less for the same output.

Can your oil or gas boiler do that?

Most boilers are marketed as something like ‘90%-95% efficient’ when new. Durapro heat pumps would measure 500% in comparison.

How do Air Source Heat Pumps work?

An air source heat pump is a unit that extracts temperature from the air, and transfers this into heat for your pool water. They come in various physical dimensions and power outputs to suit your pool and desired temperature. Ideally they need to sit as close to your plant room equipment as possible, but outside with a bit of room to breathe.

Heat pumps use electricity to capture heat and move it from one place to another. They do not generate heat, so rely on air temperature to provide more temperature to your water. Having said this we have proven examples of ASHPs even working in December keeping outdoor pools warm.

The cooler the outside air they draw in, the more energy they use. However, since most people use outdoor swimming pools during warm and mild weather, this usually isn’t an issue.

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