Swimming Pool Salt 25kg

Salt (fine) granules for Salt swimming pools 25kg bag

This product is only for swimming pools that are Saltwater pools.

Saltwater swimming pools have a common misconception that they are chlorine free, this is not the case. A Salt pool still sanitizes the water by using chlorine, only it generates this chlorine automatically. And how well it does this is dependent on the level of salt in your pool.

Typical salt pools, depending on the salt chlorinator model used, need a salt reading of between 2,500ppm and 6,000ppm (parts per million). Please consult your salt chlorinator manual to establish the required amount you need.


Directions for adding salt to your pool

1. Measure your salt level to establish how much you need to add. Trial, error and experience with your own pool will tell you how much/many bags you should add to increase to desired level. Lotus Pools recommend you only add as many as 4 bags at one time, and remeasure salt reading before adding more. Remember it is easy to increase the salt level – but not to decrease!

2. Turn off your salt chlorinator, but keep pool filtration on

3. Pour salt into the shallow end of your pool, not near skimmers or main drain/sump

4. You can encourage salt to dissolve by brushing it around the pool floor

5. The salt will dissolve typically within 24hrs

6. Once dissolved, turn salt chlorinator back on

7. Re-test your salt level monthly, adding salt is a big part of a salt pool maintenance schedule. Low salt will reduce your pool sanitation efficiency and could damage your salt chlorinator!