Phosphate Remover 1ltr

Relax Concentrated Phosphate Remover 1ltr

No phosphates = No algae!

Concentrated Phosphate remover removes essential algae nutrients from pool water. If your pool is green even with high levels of chlorine,  you probably have too many phosphates in your water! Phosphates cannot be seen, and can come from leaves, dirt, bathing, and rainfall. Phosphates are great for your garden to help green things grow, but bad for pool water.

Lotus Pools also recommend using Jolly Gels as a longer term phosphate remover.


Directions for use

1. Measure your phosphate level, if in excess of 100ppb (parts per billion) apply Concentrated Phosphate Remover as follows…

2. Shake before use

3. Ensure pool circulation pump is running

4. Slowly poor the required quantity into your pool skimmer

5. Operate your pool circulation pump continuously, backwash the filter 24hrs after application

6. Resume normal pool filtration

7. Re-test your phosphate level every 2 weeks, and re-apply if reading is above 100ppb

Initial treatment – 250ml per 50,000ltrs pool water

On-going treatment – 100ml per 50,000ltrs pool water