Non-Chlorine Shock Granules 1kg

Lotus Pools Non-Chlorine Shock 1kg

Non-chlorine Shock should be used to prevent your Pool or Spa water from deteriorating, when your chlorine or bromine levels are already at the required level.

When added to your Pool or Spa on a regular basis (Recommended: Pools-fortnightly, Spas-weekly) you will minimise unpleasant odours and eye burn. Non-Chlorine Shock oxidises and removes organic contamination from water without increasing chlorine or bromine levels. It reduces unpleasant chloramines – chloramines are the result of used/old chlorine which usually generate a bad odour and can irritate eyes and skin.

Non-Chlorine Shock is the ideal shock treatment for chlorinated or brominated water, but it must not be used as an alternative to your day-to-day sanitiser.

Directions for use

1. Make sure the pool or spa is not being used when adding this product

2. Only add when pool circulation is running

3. Pools – add at a rate of 500gms per 45,000ltrs of water

4. Spas – add at a rate of 15gms per 1000ltrs of water

5. Always pre-dissolve the product in a clean plastic bucket of pool water before adding to Pool or Spa.

6. Wait at least 15 mins before using Pool or Spa