Multi-functional Chlorine Tablets 5kg

Lotus Pools Multi-functional Chlorine Tablets 5kg (25 x 200g tabs)

Multi-functional slow dissolving Stabilised Chlorine tablets, as well as chlorine, these also contain algicide and water clarifier.

Adding Chlorine to your pool is the most common way of sanitising your pool water, and to make it fit for swimming. Chlorine is added to swimming pools to kill off potentially dangerous bacteria. A safe and recommended free chlorine reading is between 1 and 4ppm (parts per million).

Too little chlorine results in algae and bacterial growth, waterborne illnesses, murky water and a lack of sanitation in the water.

Too much chlorine can result in eye, nose and skin irritations.

For a more immediate chlorine boost (i.e. clearing murky water at beginning of season), use Lotus Pools Shock Chlorine or Lotus Pools Multi Function Shock Chlorine & Clarifier


Directions for use

1. Remove plastic wrapper and place tablet in the skimmer (filtration should be run continuously when using this product)

2. Never place these tablets in areas of still water, or on the pool water surface

3. If using a feeder/dispenser, ensure tablets used are of the same chemical (trichloroisocyanuric acid). If other materials have been used previously, wash out the feeder thoroughly before adding tablets

4. Recommended dosage: 2 tablets per 50,000ltr of pool water. Dissolution is typically approx 3-5 days when placed in skimmer.

5. Check chlorine levels regularly with a test kit and maintain chlorine residual of between 1-4ppm (parts per million)

6. Check pH level and maintain between 7.2 and 7.6



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