Water Clarifiers
Jolly Gels

Jolly Gel Cube Pool Clarifiers (4x 75g cubes)

Jolly Gels begin working immediately after installation and will produce remarkable improvements on the worst pool conditions within the first 24hrs of pump run time. In most cases your pool will become visibly clear.

1 Jolly Gel keeps working for up to 30 days. The continuous use of Jolly Gel Cubes will help to remove phosphates in your water and ensure crystal clear water. Jolly Gel Cubes work by causing microscopic particles that normally pass through your filter to group together forming a heavy mass large enough to be trapped by your filter. After two weeks if the water is not totally clear, apply a second Gel Cube.

Jolly Gel Cubes are completely safe and can be used with all other pool and spa chemicals.

Directions for use

1. Turn off power to the pool filter pump

2. Open pump strainer trap cover

3. Drop Gel Cube into pump strainer basket

4. Replace pump strainer cover

5. Turn pump back on

6. Check filter frequently, backwash and clean when needed