Chlorine Shock Granules 5kg

Lotus Pools Shock Chlorine Granules 5kg

Shock Chlorine is used to give your pool a sudden boost in chlorine. Useful at the beginning of the season to kick your pool into shape and help the battle against algae growth. It should also be used every now and then (2/3 weeks) to remove used chlorine (chloramines) and revitalise your pool sanitation. Chloramines are the result of used/old chlorine which usually generate a bad odour and can irritate eyes and skin.

It should not be used as a replacement to your day-to-day sanitation.

Directions for use

1. Once a fortnight, or more frequently in hot weather, the pool water should be Shock treated by the addition of Granular Shock Chlorine. (if your pool already has quite high chlorine levels, you can use a non-chlorine shock – such as Lotus Pools Non-Chlorine Shock)

2. Adjust your pH level to 7.2 – 7.6

3. Dose 110g of Shock per 10,000ltrs of pool water. Pre-dissolve in a plastic bucket of pool water. A double dose should be applied to very bad water quality

4. Carefully pour the dissolved solution above the pool inlets/returns

5. Leave pool filtration running continuously until problem is resolved

6. Do not allow use of pool until chlorine level has dropped to under 4ppm


Note: This product should never be dosed/mixed with other chlorines. Never add this product through a feeder or skimmer basket.