Calcium Hardness Increaser 5kg

Lotus Pools Calcium Hardness Increaser 5kg

Your Pool or Spa needs to have a Calcium Hardness level of between 200ppm and 400ppm (parts per million). Water with a lower calcium level (soft water) is likely to damage your pool equipment and severely affect your pool finish. In a tiled pool prolonged soft water will corrode the grout in-between tiles and eventually remove tiles.

Directions for use

1. Use a test kit or ask Lotus Pools to establish the Calcium Hardness of your Pool or Spa. If below 150ppm add Calcium Hardness as follows

2. To increase calcium hardness level by 10ppm, add 15g of Hardness Increaser per 1,000ltrs of pool water. (e.g. 675g in a 45,000ltrs of pool water should increase calcium hardness by approx 10ppm)

3. Pre-dissolve product in a plastic bucket filled with pool water, (dilute at a rate of 100g per bucket) and add direct to pool water

4. Pool circulation pump should be on

5. Do not add chemicals while pool is in use. Wait 30mins after adding product before using Pool or Spa.