Bromine Granules 1kg

Lotus Pools Bromine Granules 1kg

Bromine Granules are an increasingly popular method of sanitising spa/jacuzzi water. Bromine is a much more efficient sanitiser in hot water than chlorine, as chlorine depletes quickly with higher temperatures.

The ideal Bromine level for spa water is 4ppm (parts per million). Before treating your spa with Bromine Granules make sure you know how many litres of water your spa holds. A typical spa volume could be anywhere between 1,800ltrs and 3,000ltrs.

Initial dose in a freshly filled spa – 25gm per 1000ltr of spa water

Subsequent dose – 3gm of Bromine Granules to increase the Bromine level by approximately 1ppm in 1000ltr of water

Example, to increase Bromine residual of a 2000ltr spa by 4ppm add 24gm. One heaped Teaspoon holds approximately 8gm of Bromine Granules.

Sprinkle Bromine Granules directly into spa water while spa circulation pump is running. After 15mins re-test spa water bromine level, if reading is below 4ppm, add more Bromine Granules.

While sanitizing your spa with Bromine Granules, a shock product (such as Lotus Pools Non-Chlorine Shock) should be used once per week and after heavy usage to revitalize your spa water.