Alkalinity Increaser 5kg

Lotus Pools Total Alkalinity Increaser 1kg

What is alkalinity? 

Total Alkalinity (TA) is a measure of how much alkaline substances are in your pool water. Ideally your TA reading needs to be between 80 and 120ppm (parts per million)

If your TA is too low – pool wall finishes can become etched or stained, metal fixings corrode, water can turn green, and your eyes will burn. Another common symptom of low alkalinity is ‘pH bounce’, whereby your pH levels can rapidly go up or down frequently and at random

If your TA is too high – your pH will become difficult to adjust, water can turn cloudy, and chlorine looses it efficiency as a disinfectant.


Directions for use

1. If your test kit reading has an alkalinity of lower than 80ppm, you need to add alkalinity increaser.

2. Add 16g of Alkalinity Increaser per 1,000ltrs to increase TA by approx 10ppm. (e.g. if your pool holds 45,000ltrs of water you will need to add 720g of Alkalinity Increaser to raise the alkalinity by 10ppm)

3. Pre-dissolve product in a plastic bucket of pool water before adding to pool.

4. With circulation pump running add solution to water immediately above inlet/returns.

5. Never add product while pool is in use. Allow 15mins before using pool/spa

6. Wait 24hrs, re-test water and repeat process if necessary until TA is at least 80ppm