Algae Eliminator 2ltr

Lotus Pools Alage Eliminator 2ltr

Algae eliminator has been formulated to destroy existing green, black and mustard algae. 2 litres of Algae eliminator will treat 40,000 litre (9,00 gallons) of pool water.

Directions for use

  1. Run filter continuously.
  2. Adjust pH between 7.0 and 7.2
  3. Brush walls and floor thoroughly.
  4. Shock the pool water with Lotus pools shock chlorine granules. Add 550g per 10m3 (2.5kg per 9,000 gallons).
  5. Wait 24 hrs before adding calculated volume of Algae eliminator directly above the water inlets: 2 litres per 40,000 litres (9,000 gallons).
  6. For effective removal if dead algae leave the filter running continuously and add a Jolly gel to the pump. Alternatively add granular floc if pool is heavily infested.
  7. Ensure all covers, including solar, automatic, geo- bubble etc are removed during the above treatment/ operation.