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01 / 08
12 x 6m Pool & Spa Project

For a private pool, this was one of our largest projects to date. A 12meter pool, with overflowing spa and nearly 400sqm worth of tile paving. Colours had been carefully chosen by the client to suit the property and help achieve this incredible outdoor pool space.

We continue to provide pool + spa aftercare to ensure everything is maintained to a high standard as part of our ongoing popular maintenance service.

Key Features

This ones big – there’s some 135,000 litres of water in here! Tiled in a dark grey graphite mosaic tile thats mesmerising in the sun.


The Del slatted pool cover system harvests free heat from the sun, and retracts under the patio.


Patio surround tiling with matching drainage, pool and spa edge pieces, as well as ’tile band’ tiles, deliberately coordinate the surrounding space to help make it feel spacious and minimal.


The Spa we designed with jets, LED colour lighting, air features and a 2 speed overflow making a beautiful water curtain into the pool when activated. Optionally it can be split from the pool to use on its own in the winter for example.

  • 12 x 6m Pool, up to 2.2m deep
  • DEL Slatted Pool cover system disappears under patio
  • 2 x 2m overflowing Spa
  • Multi colour LED lighting
  • Insulated pool pipework
  • 2 x 28kW Duratech Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Saltwater Pool
  • Porcelain tile patio surround

Behind the scenes we’ve engineered a high standard plant area consisting of efficient & quiet water pumps, remotely controlled spa side for spa and overflow features.


Glass media filtration along with saltwater chlorination are key to keeping this water sparkling long term.

Monster heating power comes from 2 x 28kW 3 phase Duratech heatpumps.


In conjunction with the Del slatted cover, is capable of heating this pool & spa all year round if required, despite being outdoor.


Installed so we can optionally split these to run the pool and spa at separate temperatures.

"Andy and his team were amazing. They had worked on our last pool so we knew they were good. This build was for our dream pool, and they totally exceeded our expectations. Andy’s knowledge is second to none, and he was always there to help both during the build and afterwards. They continue to maintain the pool to a high standard with a weekly contract. Highly recommend Lotus Pools"
Mr & Mrs B - Feb 21
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